Booking a South Padre Island fishing trip with Crystal Flats Guide Service doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. With half day trips, eight hour trips, and ten hour trips offered, you can pick a trip that best meets your needs. Trips are available for up to four passengers, so consider coordinating with three of your fishing buddies and split the cost.

When do the fish bite best? That’s a question we hear a lot. In general, some conditions are better for fishing than others. Here’s an overview of the best times to fish:

  • Sunrise / Sunset: The times just after the sun rises and just before the sun sets (and for about an hour after it sets) are among the best times to fish

  • The One Hour Before / One Hour After Rule: The hour before and the hour after high and low tides

  • Keep Your Eye on the Barometer: When the barometer is steady or rising, fishing conditions are generally good. If a storm is present, you can still catch fish because they still need to hunt despite the poor weather.

  • Fly Hatching Time: Fly fishing relies of matching your flies with the flies currently hatching. When flies are hatching, fish are biting!

  • Westerly Winds: Look for still or rippled water, not full blown white caps. When a south Texas breeze is blowing from the west rather than the north or east, conditions are better for catching fish.
Did you know that the Brownsville Ship Channel is an important haven for fish during fall and winter storms? Captain Fleming does! In fact, this is one of his favorite fishing spots in the Laguna Madre. Fleming has called the channel a “little Texas State Aquarium” with species that you won’t find anywhere else.









Fish Limits:

Black Drum Limit: 5
Speckled Trout Limit: 5
Flounder Limit: 5
Snook Limit: 1

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